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Welcome to the site of the Missions Baseball Academy where a new and unique Texas tradition is born. Nowhere else in the state is there something like this. We have four (4) new major league fields with ample parking and easy access, big concession stand, new bathrooms, and some of the largest dugouts with attached bullpens. Come experience an entire tournament at one site. Then, enjoy the convenience of traveling to other vacation spots the vibrant city of San Antonio has to offer which are only minutes away.


September 3, 2014


Next several weekends will see 4 different groups of select ball here at MBA. Premier Ball at 210-316-7327.

Texas Select Ball at 512-426-9490

Joe Flores Ball at 830-776-2804

Texas Baseball Tournaments at 713-269-9684

Connect with one of these groups to see when they are here.

Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), has started their fall ball program.

As always, Managers and League Officials can get more details by e-mailing Skip Bradley at with questions

Missions Baseball Academy

March 1, 2014

The Missions Baseball Academy was opened in 2013 to allow 14 year old and older baseball players an excellent place to play and improve their game. Seniors all the way up to 91 years old play at MBA.

Four (4) major league-size fields dominate the complex. Well-manicured and maintained, each field offers players super big dugouts, attached bullpens, and lush grass on which to play.

Each stadium has ample seating. 3 fields are lighted for night games. The fully functional concession stand offers a variety of eats and drinks including beer on occasions. Parking is ample.

Check us out and commit to play and enjoy a baseball tournament all at one site.

Tournament Hotel Information

July 27, 2014

Hampton Inn Downtown, 414 Bowie Street 210-225-2564 for reservations. Ask for the Missions Baseball Academy rates. Also, ask for Michelle Stephens.


September 19, 2014

HOUSTON THUNDER Baseball will be at MBA on October 4&5. If you wish to participate (might be full already),check out their page

Expect 3 games for each team.

Tournament Director is Jesse Espinosa.


September 3, 2014

OLLU has impacted our schedule for fall ball.

Field #1 will not be available to us during a fall ball campaign.

And, since the interest for fall ball has not developed as expected, we will have only 2 games on Tuesdays and 2 on Wednesdays. Each team participating will be notified as to their game dates.

Thursdays and some Fridays slots will be used for world series-bound teams to practice. Two fields will be available each night. Cost for SAMSBL teams will be $50.00 per hour. Others will be $75.00 per hour.

Some weekend slots may be available, depending upon size of weekend select ball tournaments.

All Fall Ball games start at 7:00 PM. Tuesday night will be open as well as Wednesday nights. Again, 1st come, 1st serve basis.

Fall Ball will end about mid-October so teams can go to the World Series.

Costs will be $1,200 per team plus umpires, cash at plate ($60.00). Game length will be 7 innings or no new inning after 2:00 hours.

Contact Skip Bradley at 210-269-6725 or


The Concession Stand is now fully functional. There are many choices for eating and ample variety of drinks. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. Further, no drinking in the parking lot allowed.

When Concessions is opened, each team is asked to support it with at least $50.00 after each game.


January 15, 2014

FOR ALL TO KNOW: There is a dress code for all players and coaches who get on the fields at MBA. Players are to look the same as their teammates. Coaches are to look like a baseball coaches.

The Staff at MBA offer your teams a pristine place to play that is professionally maintained. Please show respect for the Park by being properly attired as a baseball representative.

FOR ALL TO KNOW: MBA is a TOBACCO FREE ZONE. No smoking is allowed anywhere once inside the gates. CHEWING TOBACCO IS NEVER ALLOWED. Fans will be asked to leave if they violate these rules. Managers and Coaches will see to the eviction, if required.

There are two Smoking areas designated outside each gate entrance at the bicycle rack areas. Please use the RED cans for butts.

Managers and Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players and fans at all times while at the Park.

Direct all questions and comments to the Park Director, Skip Bradley.


Email Skip Bradley
(210) 269-6725

5707 Hwy 151
San Antonio,TX 78227