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Welcome to the site of the Missions Baseball Academy where a new and unique Texas tradition is born. Nowhere else in the state is there something like this. We have four (4) new major league fields with ample parking and easy access, big concession stand, new bathrooms, and some of the largest dugouts with attached bullpens. Come experience an entire tournament at one site. Then, enjoy the convenience of traveling to other vacation spots the vibrant city of San Antonio has to offer which are only minutes away.

NO PETS ALLOWED Watch for Snakes NO Scooters

December 9, 2015


NO TOBACCO ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Designated Smoking Areas are near the Parking Lots. NO VAPING.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD or Drink or Coolers allowed. Violators will be asked to leave the Park. The Tournament Directors (TD) are to enforce these Rules.

With all the young children running around the park, a startled pet could attack a child. No Pets are permitted on site. Please leave them at home.

There are too many skateboards and scooters at MBA. Parents are asked to leave these devices at home, also. With the speeds that the kids attain on my sidewalks, either a parent or kid will be injured in a crash. Please keep these toys out of the park.

Snakes have been spotted. Parents are asked to monitor your children at all times as a precaution. Watch where they play or chase foul balls (especially under the bleachers).

Contact Skip Bradley at

Missions Baseball Academy, GPS SA Food Bank

March 1, 2014

When using GPS for location, sight in the SA Food Bank for location. For some reason, our address shows about 3.5 miles west of our site.

The Missions Baseball Academy was opened in 2013 to allow 13 years old and older baseball players an excellent place to play and improve their game. Seniors all the way up to 93 years old play at MBA.

Four (4) major league-size fields dominate the complex. Well-manicured and maintained, each field offers players super big dugouts, attached bullpens, and lush grass on which to play.

Each stadium has ample seating. 3 fields are lighted for night games. The fully functional concession stand offers a variety of eats and drinks including beer on occasions. Parking is ample.

Check us out and commit to play and enjoy a baseball tournament all at one site.

Tournament Hotel Information

July 10, 2016


Stay downtown at GREAT RATES!


FREE Gated Parking ($15 value)


Walking distance to River Center Mall and IMAX theaters. 15 Minutes from MBA Fields.

Call Michelle Stephan at 210-225-2564 or toll-free 1-800-HAMPTON for reservations.

You MUST reference "Missions Baseball Academy #3013205".

ONLY FIVE (5) Minutes away, the Country Inn & Suites. Call Anna Torres at 210-678-0444. Make the reservation. Rates are Great!. Make sure you mention MBA. Free hot Breakfast. Newly remodeled.

STUDIO 6: Kitchenettes, new, 2 minutes from AT&T, Make sure you mention MBA. Contact Yamini Patel at 210 447-2000.

HOLIDAY INN HOTEL AND SUITES very near Fiesta Texas Theme Park. 5535 University Heights, San Antonio, TX 78249. Call for details, Mr. Nathan Villarreal at 210 549-2434. Ask about MBA rates.

SPRINGHILL SUITES MARRIOTT located at 138 Richland Hill Drive, 78245. Free Breakfast and Free Parking. Call Penelope at 210 520-6655 and/or at Ask about the MBA rates. Also, as her directions of how to get to MBA.

Also, STAYBRIDGE SUITES San Antonio Seaworld is available. Address is 10919 Town Center Dr. Phone is 210-767-1100. Ask for Loretta Mendoza.

Do mention that you are playing at Missions Baseball Academy for the best rates possible.

SAMSBL Season 2017

August 17, 2016

The 2017 SAMSBL season start Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 2:00 pm at MBA. All current and new managers will be invited to attend the meeting.

Details concerning 2017 League play will be addressed.

Expect age brackets to be 18+, 30+, 40+, 50+ and 60+.

A $250.00 deposit holds your spot for next season.

Come hungry and thirsty; the event will be catered.

I will call each manager, (current and new)for a head count.

SAMSBL Results of Week 22

August 24, 2016, Week 22

Rain out number: 210 302-8228.

FINAL 2016

55+ Division:

Lone Stars 17-3

Rangers 16-4

Texans 13-7

Pirates 10-10

Red Sox. 4-16

Hawks. 1-19

30+ Division:

Reds 17-3

Yankees 14-5-1

Outfitters 13-7

Bombers 11-7-1

Red Sox 4-16

Rangers 1-19

18+ Division:

Reds 16-3-1

Bombers 16-4

Los Amigos 9-9-2

Rangers 5-14-1

Heroes 2-18

Mavericks 9-11


December 6, 2015

The Concession Stand Opens most every tournament hosted by MBA. There are many choices for eating and ample variety of drinks. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED ON PROPERTY.

When Concessions is opened, each team is asked to support it with at least $50.00 after each game.

LABOR DAY 2016 60+ Tournament Schedule

August 15, 2016

Missions Baseball Academy (MBA) will host 60+ Adult Baseball Wood Bat Tournament during Labor Day Weekend, 2016. The dates will be September 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Cost is $100.00 per player. Expect 4 games.

Players on the three teams of Austin, Houston, and Rangers must be at least 60 years old sometime during 2016. All must be on the official roster for their respective teams.

An "allstar" team from SA will be allowed to participate vs. the 3 teams. The purpose of these games are to allow all players a chance to play. Some of those players will be younger than 60. They will get 3 games, only.

The format will be for seeding the three 60+ teams with #1 having a bye to Championship game. #2 will play #3 for the honor of playing in Championship Game. #2 seed is home team in playoff game. #1 is home team in Championship Game (9 inning, no time limit).

With exception of Champ game, games will be 9 innings with a time limit of no new inning after 2:45. 12 run rule after 7 innings will apply. Turn in rosters prior to first game. Rosters can be a small as 9 players or a maximum of 20.

Make Check to SAMSBL or bring cash.

SCHEDULE: Saturday 11:00 AM: Rangers (h) vs. A/S 11:00 AM: Austin (h) vs. Houston 3:00 PM: Houston (h) vs. Rangers. 3:00 PM: A/S (h) vs. Austin.

Sunday: 11:00 AM: Rangers (h) vs. Austin 11:00 AM: Houston (h) vs. A/S. 3:00 PM #2 (h)vs. #3. #1 bye.

Check with hotels listed above for the best rates. Be sure to mention the MBA event.

There will be a F/S pair of teams playing 4 games during our event.

Connect with Skip Bradley, Park Director, at or 210-269-6725.

Email Skip Bradley
(210) 269-6725

5707 Hwy 151
San Antonio,TX 78227